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Foundations training

Foundational Director Training

Condominium directors must oversee the general operations of their corporation on behalf of the owners.

Our mandatory online self-paced foundational training provides a deeper look at these obligations. You must complete it within 6 months of joining your board.

Mandatory training

Complete within six months of being appointed or elected as a director

Estimated time

3 – 6 hours


21 modules



About the foundational director training

This training is available to anyone free of charge and is mandatory for anyone who wants to become a director in their condo. Directors must complete the training within six months of being elected, appointed, or re-elected unless they have completed the training within the preceding 7 years.

Make sure to create a CAO account before you begin by clicking “Log in” at the top right corner of your screen.

What you will learn


Foundational education

Learn how condos are created and governed.

  1. The Fundamentals of Condominium Corporations 10 minutes
  2. The Legal Framework Governing Condominiums 20 minutes

The Board of Directors

Understand the role and responsibilities of directors and the principles that guide them. Learn the rules for different types of meetings, and the importance of corporate records.

  1. The Role of Directors & Their Key Responsibilities 10 minutes
  2. Effective Leadership: Creating Strong Condominium Communities 20 minutes
  3. Board Meetings and Owners’ Meetings 20 minutes
  4. Requisitioned Meetings 15 minutes
  5. Best Practices for Conducting Owners’ Meetings 15 minutes
  6. Obligations Regarding Corporate Records 15 minutes

Financial management

Learn the fundamentals of finance - from how to oversee corporate finances to maintaining a healthy reserve fund to audits and collecting common expenses.

  1. Financial Fundamentals 10 minutes
  2. Reserve Funds and Reserve Fund Studies 20 minutes
  3. Auditors and Annual Statements 20 minutes
  4. Collection & Liens 15 minutes
  5. Insurance 15 minutes

Maintaining the condominium’s physical integrity

Learn the process to modify common elements, roles & responsibilities when making repairs, maintaining condo units and how to establish a good procurement processes.

  1. Modifications to the Common Elements 10 minutes
  2. Repair and Maintenance​ 20 minutes
  3. Procurement Processes and Best Practices 20 minutes

Different types of certificates

Get the basics on information and status certificates, including what they are, why they’re important and how and when to provide them to owners.

  1. Information Certificates 10 minutes
  2. Status Certificates 20 minutes

The CAO, the Tribunal and the CMRAO

Understand the roles and mandates of the various organizations overseeing and protecting the rights of owners in Ontario’s condo community.

  1. The Condominium Authority of Ontario 10 minutes
  2. The Condo Authority Tribunal 20 minutes
  3. Understanding Condominium Management 20 minutes


Foundations director training

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