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Step 3: Solutions

CAO strongly recommends that you try all the steps below to try to resolve your records issues before filing an application with the Tribunal.

Review the corporation’s response

Your first step is to review the costs that the condo corporation is charging for your request. Your condo corporation must include a breakdown of how much money they are charging for:

Printing and copying



The amounts the condo corporation can charge will depend on the types and formats of the requested records.

Contact the condo corporation

You may wish to contact a representative of the condo corporation to discuss the costs the corporation is charging for the records and whether your condo corporation might reconsider.

By contacting a representative of your condo corporation, you may be able to better understand the costs associated with obtaining the requested records.

If you do not feel comfortable speaking to the condo corporation’s representatives in person, or if you’ve spoken to them already and the issue has not been resolved, you may want to send them a letter.

Use our sample letter templates:

Letter to condo corporations

I have concerns with my records request

Keep notes of your communications with your condo, including:

Who you spoke to

Date and time of interactions

Issues you informed them about

Amount of time you provided them to address the issue

Your notes or copies of communications may be important if you file an application with the Condominium Authority Tribunal.

Determine your next step

You can consider filing an application with the Condominium Authority Tribunal if you’ve tried the above and have been unable to resolve your issue.

Visit Step 4 – The Condo Authority Tribunal for more information.

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