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Pets and Animals

Step 2: Legal Considerations

There may be municipal bylaws regarding pets, depending on where you live.

Pet and animal provisions

Condo corporations often have specific provisions related to pets and animals in their governing documents. Everyone must follow these requirements.

Condo owners and board can take action to address pet-related issues.

Examples of areas of pet and animal provisions govern:

Outright prohibitions

The number of pets or animals permitted

Weight, size, or breed of animals

Areas where residents can keep or take pets or animals

Requirements for where a resident can keep pets on a leash and where on the premises

Requirement and locations for using a leash for pets

Review your condo’s governing documents for the provisions related to pets or animals if you are experiencing an issue.

Boards make legal action against those not following the governing documents, including by filing an application with the Condominium Authority Tribunal. Tenants can’t file CAT cases and should contact their landlord when dealing with Pet issues in their condo.

What does the Condo Act say?

Section 117 (2) prohibits anyone from allowing or carrying on with an unreasonable nuisance.

Section 119 (1) requires all to comply with the Act and the condo’s governing documents.

Section 17 (3) requires corporations to enforce the condo’s governing documents.

Service Animals

Service animals are working animals that assist persons with disabilities and are not considered pets. This includes emotional support animals, guide dogs for people with visual disabilities and other animals that may assist with mobility or psychiatric conditions.

An animal may be considered a service animal if:

  • They wear a vest or harness that is easily identifiable as relating to a disability.
  • The owner can provide documentation from a regulated health professional confirming the animal’s status or that the animal is required to assist with a disability.

The right to a service animal is protected under the Ontario’s Human Rights Code.

Consult Section 80.45 of the Customer Service Standards under the AODA to read more about service animals and what kinds of health professionals can provide documentation.

Find more information on accommodating disabilities in condos.

Municipal By-Laws

Some municipalities have by-laws related to pets and animals. Owners and occupants are required to comply with both municipal by-laws and the condo’s governing documents.

For example, your municipal bylaws may allow you to have up to three animals, but your condo has a rule only allowing two pets per unit. In this case, you would only be allowed to have two pets in your unit.

Contact your municipality to find out more.

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