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Step 3: Solutions

Here’s what to do now that you’ve identified your issue.

Request an accommodation from your corporation

Your next step is to write to your condo board or manager and request an accommodation.  

It is important to work collaboratively with your board to ensure that the accommodation meets everyone’s needs. All parties should participate productively in the discussions about potential solutions.

You can review the information available through the Human Rights Legal Support Centre if you aren’t granted your accommodation request. The HRLSC is a not-for-profit provincial agency that provides free legal assistance to individuals who feel they have experienced discrimination.

The HRLSC may assist you in working with your corporation to resolve your disagreement. They may also assist you in filing an application with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario if required. The HRTO is a Tribunal that resolves cases dealing with discrimination and harassment under the Code.

What if my corporation doesn’t respond?

File a complaint with the CMRAO

Follow up

Send a follow up letter if the other party does not respond to you after a reasonable amount of time passes after you send the first letter. Keep copies of any follow-up as well.

Use our sample meeting letter templates for owners

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