Glossary of CAT terms

The following terms and definitions are provided to assist users with understanding the roles, expectations, and rules of practice as described in the Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT) Rules of Practice.



An application to the Tribunal under section 1.36 of the Condominium Act, 1998 to resolve a dispute, or under section 1.47 of the Act regarding a settlement of an Application.


The User who makes an Application. This could be the owner, mortgage holder or buyer of a condominium unit, or a condominium corporation.

Business day:

A day when offices are open for business. This does not include Saturday, Sunday or statutory holidays.


A written document, image, audio recording, or any file with information recorded or stored by any means.


Anything that a User uses to support their argument or position. Evidence can include documents, witness testimony, or other facts.


A process where the Users can make arguments and present evidence to support their case, to a Tribunal Member who listens to all sides and makes a legally binding decision. During a Hearing, people may communicate in different ways, including the Tribunal’s online system, telephone conference call, videoconference, or other methods.


A person who is assigned by the Tribunal to help Users explore ways to settle the dispute without a hearing.


A person who is appointed to the Tribunal to mediate or to hear and decide Applications.


Everything that happens in an Application from the filing of the Application to a final resolution or decision.


A person who acts for a User in a proceeding.


A question that a User asks to a Member through the online system. Requests and the Member’s response are visible by all Users.


The User who is the person or corporation whom the Applicant is asking the Tribunal make an order against.


A question that a User asks Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT) staff through the online system. Questions are usually used to ask for assistance from CAT staff, and cannot be seen by either the Member or the other User.

Settlement Agreement:

The agreement produced by the CAT’s online system when a User accepts another User’s settlement offer.

Settlement Offer:

A possible resolution to the case that one User sends to another.


A document created by the CAT that requires a witness to provide evidence.


The Condominium Authority Tribunal of the Condominium Authority of Ontario.


A party under the Condominium Act. This is an Applicant or Respondent, or any other person or corporation who has the right to participate in the Tribunal proceeding.


An individual who has information that is relevant to the case. Users can suggest witnesses in Stage 3 - Tribunal Decision.