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CAO Guide on Communication and Conflict Resolution

Our in-depth guide provides practical tips to navigate conflict and create a positive condo environment.

About the guide

This guide helps directors and other members of the community learn about communication and conflict resolution.

In a condo community, conflict refers to any situation where there is disagreement, tension, or opposition among individuals or groups regarding interests, beliefs, or actions.

It can happen between owners, board members or other members of the condo community.


Community foundations

Boards should establish clear expectations in their community and create meaningful rules that support a community living mindset. This mindset can be supported by:

  • Encouraging involvement, inclusion and volunteerism
  • Hosting community events and social gatherings
  • Using effective, timely and consistent communication


Impactful communication

Impactful communication plays a pivotal role in strong communities. The second part of the guide covers practical strategies for condo directors, aimed at preventing conflicts and fostering positive interactions within the community:

  • Using proactive communication strategies that focus on prevention 
  • Practicing clear communication
  • Choosing the correct communication format
  • Preventing misunderstandings from escalating
  • Documenting efforts and outcomes
  • Navigating unpopular decisions


Conflict resolution

Conflict resolution is the process of solving a disagreement through a mutually workable resolution. This section details:

  • Identifying and managing escalating issues
  • Dealing and communicating with unresponsive individuals
  • Addressing conflict and shifting your mindset
  • Director facilitated conversations and preparing for various outcomes, including formal dispute resolutions


Tools & resources

This section of the guide provides some practical takeaways and additional tips:

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