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Ontario condos will continue to be able to conduct business online starting Oct. 1

Sep 26, 2023

A multitude of legal changes also means condo boards can send notices electronically without an explicit agreement from owners.

Condo corporations and owners across the province are now able to permanently embrace hybrid business practices following changes to the Condo Act that came into effect Oct. 1.

Let’s look at the most important ones:

  1. Condo corporations can keep holding meetings and votes virtually or by phone without needing a specific by-law allowing this
  2. Corporations can issue meeting notices to owners that they can reach electronically and who have not specifically requested paper notices
  3. Board meetings can continue to be carried out virtually or by phone as long as most directors agree

There are also a number of important procedural items to keep in mind that flow out of the changes listed above. 

For example, condo corporations can now create by-laws to regulate how they hold phone or virtual meetings and votes. They must ensure that all attendees are able to ‘reasonably participate’ in owners’ meetings no matter the community’s preferred platform.

Now, owners who vote virtually or by phone before or during an owners’ meeting will be considered present for the purposes of quorum.

Condo corporations must also keep records of all ballots and instruments appointing a proxy for owners’ meetings submitted at or before the meeting, including any record of votes cast virtually or by phone.

The record of owners and mortgagees must include an electronic contact for owners who provide it. This information will not be accessible to other owners.

We look forward to continuing to support condo communities through these changes.

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