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Step 3: Solutions for owners

Here’s what to do now that you’ve identified your issue.

  • Describe your situation
  • I think my corporation’s governing documents are inconsistent, unreasonable or have been improperly implemented

What kind of issue do the documents have?

The declaration, by-laws and rules taken together make up your corporation’s governing documents.

There are three main types of issues that these documents could have:

Contact your condo board

Start by contacting your board and management. They may agree with you about changing the governing documents.

If they don’t, you may also wish to seek legal advice from a paralegal or lawyer licensed by the Law Society of Ontario.

You may be interested in the Law Society Referral Service, which is an online service that connects people in need with licensed lawyers and paralegals. The service is free and you may receive up to a half-hour free consultation.

CAO cannot provide legal advice.

You can also send a templated letter if you are uncomfortable speaking to your board or if you have spoken to them and it has not worked. You will find templates at the bottom of this page. Make sure to keep copies of any letters you send them.

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