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Step 3: Find solutions

Here’s what to do now that you’ve identified your issue and reviewed your legal obligations.

Keep track of the issues

Keep a record of what you’ve been experiencing with as much detail as possible.

Date and time when you noticed the infestation

Type of infestation and its cause

Where the infestation is located or originating

Any other details that may be relevant

Contact the condo corporation

Notify your condo manager or board of directors immediately of any infestation issue so they can monitor and investigate the problem and take appropriate action to contain or remove the infestation in the common elements, in another unit and potentially in your condo unit on your behalf.

Use our First Letter to Condo Corporation template if you don’t feel comfortable speaking to them in person.

Retain a copy of your letter or email, noting the date and time that you sent it. Keep in mind that it may take a few days to resolve your issue particularly if it requires a repair or maintenance.

Contain and eliminate the infestation in your condo unit

Owners and condo corporations are required to maintain and repair their respective areas of the condo building. Condo corporations are generally responsible for the building’s common elements while owners are responsible for their units and common elements where they have exclusive use.

Owners may be responsible for:

  • Preventing the start or growth of any infestation
  • Containing and removing an infestation from an infested area
  • Repairing any damage that an infestation has caused.

Condo corporations may need to enter, repair or maintain a condo unit to contain or remove an infestation quickly because it can cause property damage, injury or illness.

Under the Condo Act, the condo corporation must address any infestation that violates its governing documents and should always contact a condo unit owner about an alleged infestation, its intent to enter the unit to address the issue and the cost of dealing with it on the owner’s behalf.

Section 92 of the Condo Act allows a condo corporation to:

  • Repair a unit if the owner doesn’t
  • Maintain a unit if the owner doesn’t or if the lack of maintenance could damage common elements or injure others in the building.

Follow up

Follow up with your condo manager or board with another letter if the issue has still not been resolved by:

  • Explaining the steps you’ve taken
  • Requesting that the board take action
  • Noting that you are considering further action if the board doesn’t address the issue.

Use the following templates for letters to owners, occupants or your condo corporation when trying to resolve an issue. Make sure you keep a copy of your letter with the date and time you sent it.

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