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Compliance with Settlement Agreements

Step 3: Solutions

Try the steps below before deciding if you need to file a CAT case

Review the settlement agreement

You should review the settlement agreement and identify:

  • Who you think has failed to comply with it
  • Which parts of the settlement agreement you think they failed to comply with.

Contact the other party

Find out why the other party has failed to comply with the settlement agreement. The other party may not be aware that are not complying with the settlement agreement.

The first step should always be to speak to the other party and see if you can quickly resolve the issue without needing to file an application with the Tribunal.

You can also send a templated letter if you are uncomfortable speaking to them or if you have spoken to them and it has not worked. You can find templates at the bottom of this page. Keep copies of any letters you send.

Follow up

Send a follow up letter if the other party does not respond to you after a reasonable amount of time passes after you send the first letter. Keep copies of any follow-up as well


Use our sample compliance with settlement agreements letter templates

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