CAT Decisions

The CAT’s decisions are available without charge on the Canadian Legal Information Institute’s (CanLII) website. CanLII is a non-profit organization that provides free access to legal information online.

What does the CAT publish?

The CAT publishes:

  • All consent orders issued in either Stage 2 – Mediation or Stage 3 – Tribunal Decision
  • All decisions issued at the end of Stage 3 – Tribunal Decision
  • All orders dismissing cases (e.g., for lack of jurisdiction)

The CAT does not publish:

  • Any settlement agreements
  • Procedural orders (e.g., orders closing a case as a result of a withdrawal by the applicant) *

Note: The CAT may decide to publish a procedural order if that order addresses substantial issues raised in the case, if it may be of value to other Users, or in the interests of openness or transparency.


Generally speaking, the CAT does not anonymize the names of individuals who appear before it. In accordance with the open courts principle embedded in s. 2 (b) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the CAT publishes the names of all individuals appearing as Users, representatives, or witnesses.

However, CAT Members may make orders restricting access to a decision or order to the public on request by a User, representative, or witness in accordance with Rule 16 of the CAT’s Rules of Practice.


Click here to access the CAT’s decisions on CanLII.