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Call for Candidates for Elected Director Vacancy for the CAO Board of Directors – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: Is this a part-time or full-time position and, if part-time, the estimate time commitment? How many Hours per month of meetings, consultation, issue management and sub-committee work does it entail?

A: Elected Directors operate on a part-time basis and are expected to be active participants in the effective functioning of the Board of Directors as a whole, attending at a minimum the four quarterly one-day Board meetings each year. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed. Each Director is responsible for:

  • Ensuring they are informed of the constituting documents and legislation under which the CAO exists, and the Corporation’s By-laws, mission, values, codes of conduct, and policies as they pertain to the duties of a Director;
  • Attending Board meetings regularly, and depending on assignment, serving on committees of the Board and contribute from personal, professional and life experience to the work of the Board and governance of the organization.

Q: Does engagement in the Board work involve any honorarium compensation?

A: Elected Board Directors are compensated for their time on a nominal per diem basis at $472 per diem at the Board Member level. Rates are aligned with the Government of Ontario remuneration rates for adjudicative tribunal and regulatory agency appointees as per the Management Board of Cabinet’s Agencies and Appointments Directive.

Q: On what day(s); at what time; how often; how much time is required to prepare for meetings and where does the Board meet?

A: The Board meets quarterly in March, June, September and December, Board meetings are normally half-day. Additional meetings are scheduled as needed, should matters arise. Board Committees are required to meet at least twice per year but typically meet quarterly in advance of Board meetings.

Q: What qualification you must have to join CAO Board?

A: The competency criteria outlining the skills and competencies that are required for Elected Members can be found in Section 3 of the job posting on the CAO’s website. Individual Knowledge and Experience section of the call for applications are based on their skills and experience against the competency criteria found in Schedule D to the Administrative Agreement.

Q: What is the election process and who will be recommending candidates for election?

A: The call for candidates will remain open through to November 1, 2023. All applicants will be evaluated and those selected for an interview will be interviewed by members of the Board’s Nominating Committee (Chair –Vincenza Galatone, Richard Austin, Bakir Alazawi) and recommended for election at a Special Members’ Meeting to be scheduled.


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