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Short-Term Rentals

Step 3: Solutions

Here’s what to do now that you’ve identified your issue and reviewed your legal obligations.

  • Describe your situation
  • I think my condo corporation’s governing documents are inconsistent, unreasonable and improperly implemented

Clarify the issue

Ensure that you can clearly identify and describe the problem if you think there is an issue with your corporation’s governing documents.

All three of a condo corporation’s governing documents must be consistent with the Condo Act. In addition its by-laws must be reasonable and consistent with the corporation’s declaration and its rules must also be reasonable and consistent with both the corporation’s declaration and by-laws.

There are certain processes that must be followed to amend a condo corporation’s declaration or to make, amend or repeal the corporation’s by-laws and rules under the Condo Act. Those governing documents may not be enforceable if these processes are not followed.

Review information about governing documents.

Contact your condo corporation

Contact your condo manager or the condo corporation’s board of directors if:

  • you think a provision in your condo corporation’s governing documents is unreasonable or inconsistent with another governing document or the Condo Act. They may initiate a process to change the corporation’s governing documents if they agree.
  • you think your condo corporation didn’t follow the right process to change its governing documents.

Use the following templates for letters to owners, occupants or your condo corporation when trying to resolve an issue. Make sure you keep a copy of your letter with the date and time you sent it.

What if these steps don’t resolve my issue?

  • You may wish to seek legal advice from a paralegal or lawyer licensed by the Law Society of Ontario or the Law Society Referral Service.
  • You may be able to file an application with the Condominium Authority Tribunal if you’ve tried all the steps above and the short-term rental related issue has continued and if your condo corporation’s governing documents have provisions about short-term rentals.
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