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Step 4: Condominium Authority Tribunal

You may be able to file an application with the Tribunal if you tried the previous steps and it did not work. The Tribunal provides an online dispute resolution system that helps condo communities resolve condo disputes conveniently, quickly and affordably.

About the Tribunal

CAT uses a three-stage dispute resolution process:

Stage 1: Negotiation

You will work with the other parties to try and resolve the dispute.

Stage 2: Mediation

You will work with a mediator to try and resolve the dispute.

Stage 3: Decision

You will be able to make your case to a Tribunal Member in an online hearing. The Member will then issue a binding order.

Only owners, mortgagees and condo corporations can file a light-related application.

The Tribunal can deal with two different types of odour disputes:

  1. Disputes about activities that cause unreasonable nuisances, annoyances or disruptions.
    • You can file an application about an unreasonable odour issue regardless of what your condo’s governing documents say.
    • The Tribunal can only deal with disputes about activities that cause these issues, such as a person doing something that creates or causes an odour. The Tribunal cannot deal with disputes about conditions that cause these issues such as outstanding repair or maintenance issues.
  2. Disputes about odour provisions in your condo’s governing documents. This includes disputes involving:
    • Compliance with provisions in the corporation’s governing documents related to odours
    • The consistency or reasonableness of those provisions
    • The applicability of those provisions
    • Any related indemnification or compensation

Learn more about the Tribunal’s process and the Tribunal’s jurisdiction.

Previous Tribunal cases

You can read all the CAT’s previous orders and decisions to learn more about the types of pet and animal disputes seen at the tribunal, and how they were resolved.

The Condo Authority Tribunal

File a Tribunal application

File a Tribunal application
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