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Step 3: Find solutions

Here’s what to do now that you’ve identified your issue and reviewed your legal obligations.

Keep track of the issue

You should keep track of the issues you’ve been experiencing with as much detail as possible. This will help those you contact understand the issues and what’s causing the problem.

It may be helpful to keep track of:

The dates and times you noticed the infestation or the reasons why you believe that there is an infestation

The type of infestation you’ve noticed

Where you think the infestation is coming from

Your condo corporation has a legal obligation to ensure that everyone complies with any infestation provisions in the condo corporation’s governing documents.

Contact your condo corporation

Notify your condo manager or board of directors immediately of any infestation issue so they can investigate the problem and contain or remove the infestation.

Use our First Letter to Condo Corporation template if you don’t feel comfortable speaking to your condo manager or board in person.

Retain a copy of your letter or email, noting the date and time that you sent it. Keep in mind it may take a few days to resolve your issue particularly if it requires repair or maintenance.

Follow up

Your condo corporation should take steps to resolve the issue within a reasonable amount of time after you’ve contacted them. You can use our second letter template to send a follow-up letter or email if the issue hasn’t been resolved.

Use the following templates for letters to your condo corporation when trying to resolve an issue. Make sure you keep a copy of your letter with the date and time you sent it.

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