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Step 3: Find solutions

Here’s what to do now that you’ve identified your issue and reviewed your legal obligations.

  • Describe your situation
  • We have received a letter from an owner about an infestation issue caused by another owner or occupant

Contact the owner who raised the issue

Contact the person who reported the infestation to clarify their concerns and to verify details like date and time, type of infestation and where they think it originated.

Speak directly with the owner or occupant who is allegedly causing the issue because they may not be aware that what they are doing is causing an infestation. Speaking to them may resolve this issue quickly.

You should also write a letter to the owner or occupant if they are contravening the infestation provisions in your condo corporation’s governing documents, identifying:

  • the infestation issue they have caused or may be contributing to
  • the specific provision(s) in the governing documents they have violated
  • how they can resolve the issue
  • the deadline as outlined in the governing documents
  • the condo corporation’s next steps if the issue continues.

It may take some time to resolve the issue so you should give them a reasonable amount of time and you should keep track of your interactions with the owner or occupant in as much detail as possible, noting dates and times.

Use the following templates for letters to your condo corporation when trying to resolve an issue. Make sure you keep a copy of your letter with the date and time you sent it.

Determine what to do next

Approach this situation like any other potential violation of the condo corporation’s governing documents.

Consider sending a letter prepared by your legal counsel if there is no response from the owner or occupant.

You may also wish to hold a meeting to discuss the matter with owners and others if the infestation is affecting multiple units.

Ensure that there are provisions about infestations in the condo corporation’s declaration or rules. For example, you could restrict where or how garbage is kept to avoid attracting rodents or animals.

Contact your municipality to learn about any infestation by-laws and ensure that the condo corporation and all owners comply with them. The condo corporation can model their rules on those of the municipality so it can enforce them without relying on municipal by-law enforcement.

What if these self-help tools don’t resolve the issue?

Further steps include mediation, arbitration or other legal action if you’ve tried the preceding steps and the issue still hasn’t been resolved.

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