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French Language Services Policy

The Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT) is committed to offering and providing services in English and French. All Users or members of the public may communicate with, and receive services in English or French with the Tribunal, and receive services in English or French from the Tribunal. Even though the Tribunal is not covered by the French Language Services Act, our commitment to French language services promotes access to justice for the Francophone communities across Ontario.

French Language Services Policy

The Tribunal will provide front line services in English and French. This includes publications, forms, notices, rules, policies, and case-related communication. The Tribunal will actively inform users of the availability of services in French.
The Tribunal’s online system (CAT-ODR) will allow users to choose English or French. The Applicant or Respondent will choose which language they will use when they start using the CAT-ODR. Users may also request a French language proceeding by contacting the Tribunal directly.
Where a proceeding has been identified as a French language proceeding, the following steps will be taken:

  • the case will be assigned to a bilingual case coordinator (Tribunal staff);
  • communications from the Tribunal to a French language User will be in French unless the User requests that it be in English; and
  • the Tribunal will assign a bilingual Mediator or Member to conduct the Stage 2 or Stage 3 proceeding.
In an oral proceeding conducted by telephone conference or another method where all Users can speak and hear each other at the same time, the Tribunal will provide a French-English interpreter if that is required for any User to participate in the official language of their choice.
In a written proceeding, the Tribunal generally will not translate documents or messages or other communications, in a written proceeding (including the online system) that are from a User or Representative.

A User may request the Tribunal to make or order the translation of any English or French documents or written messages that the User does not understand. Users must make this request as soon as possible to avoid delaying the process. The Tribunal may order that the documents or messages be translated by the Tribunal or by a User if it considers it necessary for a fair hearing.

At Stage 1 Negotiation, a User may request assistance from the Tribunal if the official language being used by the other User is not a language that they understand. At Stage 2 Mediation, the Tribunal’s assigned bilingual Mediator may help with translation and communications as needed.

At Stage 3 Tribunal Decision, the Member assigned to the case may make orders or directions that the Member considers necessary for a fair hearing, including how any interpretation or translation services will be provided, and what method should be used to conduct the proceeding.

Written reasons and decisions for hearings conducted wholly or partly in French will be issued in English and French.
Any questions or concerns about the application of the policy should be directed to the Tribunal Chair.