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How to Manage Condo Corporation Profiles

These are the best practices condo corporations can use to manage their CAO accounts.

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How to Manage Condo Corporation Profiles

Frequently Asked Questions

The director may have completed the training under a different email address or under a different name.

Follow these steps to correct the issue:

  • Determine which email address and/or name was used to complete training. If the director does not remember what was used, you can Contact Us and we can assist you.
  • File a Notice of Change to remove the director in question and add them back using the correct information.
    If the director wants to change the email address or name they use for their CAO Account, please have them Contact Us to assist.
A director or property manager with “Act on behalf” privileges for the condo corporation must file a Notice of Change form to add you to the corporation profile.

If you have already created a CAO Account, please ensure you provide the director or property manager with the email address you used to create your CAO Account. This is especially important if you have also started or completed the Director Training.

If no one at your condo corporation has “Act on behalf” privileges, please have a director or property manager who is on the corporation profile Contact Us for access to allow them to add you to the corporation.

Please use the Contact Us form to inform us and include the following information:

  • The corporation’s name
  • The corporation’s address for service
  • Land Registration date

When we respond to your email, we will request that you reply with a copy of your condo corporation’s Declaration – we require the Declaration to create a corporation profile in our system.

Once we have created the corporation profile, we will be able to send an invitation code to you by email so that you can join and access the corporation profile.

If your corporation added you to their profile before you created a CAO Account, you would have received an Invitation Email with a unique code and a link to create an account. You can search your email inbox for a message with the subject line: “Confirm association with Corporation Name”.

If you’re unable to locate the email, please Contact Us and we can re-send the information to you.

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