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Questions and Answers from the CAO’s Annual Meeting – September 16, 2020

  1. Does the CAO have any tips for conducting meetings safely during the pandemic?
    A: The CAO has developed a guide to help condo corporations understand their options for holding owners’ meetings, as well as ways to navigate the health and safety restrictions outlined by public health officials when having these meetings. Access the guide here.
  1. Is a common elements condo corporation charged differently than residential condo units?
    A: The maximum number of votes that can be cast or counted at an annual general meeting for a common elements corporation will be used to calculate the condo’s assessment amount using the same unit rate as for residential condo units.
  1. How does a director without a computer access Director Training?
    A: Our online Director Training is a cost-effective model that can be accessed by directors anywhere across the province and completed at their own convenience.
  1. Can condo forms be made available for people using Chrome as their browser, so it is easier to download the information?
    A: The CAO is currently working on a form enhancement project which will provide one-click access to the delegated forms (i.e. the forms will open in the internet browser) across multiple devices.
  1. Can the public registry of condo corporations be set up to allow communications between condo administrators?
    A: The information displayed on our Public Registry is specified in regulation and does not allow for publishing of contact information. The information that is displayed can be found under section 11 (1) of O.Reg. 377/17.
  1. Have any members of the CAO Board of Directors ever served on a condo board?
    A: All seven directors on our Board of Directors are condo owners, and several have served on condo boards in both director and officer roles.
  1. How many names were submitted to be on the Board of Directors?
    A: Following a broad-based call to the market, over 230 applicants submitted to be on the Board of Directors.
  1. How many employees does the CAO have?
    A:We have 49 employees from diverse backgrounds.

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