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Deadline extended to May 12 – CAO’s Reserve Fund Survey for Condominium Corporations

Calling all condo directors, managers, and other representatives!

CAO would like to better understand issues relating to reserve funds and continue providing helpful resources for the sector. We have issued unique survey links for each corporation in the CAO’s database that can be accessed through the CAO website.

Condo corporations should designate one representative with “act on behalf of privileges” to complete the survey on behalf of the corporation

Here’s how you can complete the survey:

  1. Sign-in to your personal account on the CAO’s website
  2. Select your condo corporation
  3. Navigate to the new Corporation Surveys tab
  4. Find your corporation’s unique survey link
  5. Click on the link and complete the survey
  6. Fill out one survey per corporation

This survey will close on May 12.


Check out our step-by-step guide for more details on completing the survey. The data gathered from this survey is kept confidential and used on an aggregate basis to help CAO provide supports for the condo sector.

The CAO will be issuing an owner-specific survey in the coming weeks to gather insights about their familiarity with reserve funds as well.

Stay in the know with CAO!