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Webinar on Managing and De-escalating Conflict in Condos

Mai 05, 2023

The Condo Authority recently hosted a webinar on managing and de-escalating conflict in condos. The webinar featured a panel of experts that included Celia Chandler, Condor Security CEO Benjamin Tabesh and CAO Data & Policy Director Paul Duffy. A recording of the webinar is available below:


Download the list of resources from the webinar


Q&As from the webinar

Human rights

How can condo corporations deal with competing human rights claims?

Corporations should try to understand the nature of the claims and see if there is a way to work with the parties collaboratively towards solutions that can accommodate everyone.

As covered in our recent webinar, ultimately corporations are required to accommodate up to the point of undue hardship under the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Undue hardship is assessed based on the likelihood that the accommodation would cause significant costs or health & safety risks for the accommodator.

Corporations should seek legal advice to understand their specific situations.


Can a condo corporation request an individual to provide supporting information from a medical professional when considering an accommodation request?

Corporations can request supporting documentation related to the accommodation, but only up to the point that is required to consider the individual’s request.

Seek legal advice to understand your specific obligations.

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