Stage 1 - Negotiation

In Stage 1 – Negotiation, the Users work collaboratively to resolve the issues in dispute. The Tribunal’s online system gives Users the ability to exchange settlement offers, messages, and documents to try resolve the case.

If the Users can negotiate with each other and agree on a way to resolve the issues, it will save everyone time and money.

Stage 1 – Negotiation: FAQs 


User Guide

In addition to the information below, the CAT has developed a guide to help Users understand and use the CAT’s online system in Stage 1 - Negotiation.

Settlement Offers

In Stage 1 - Negotiation, each User can make a settlement offer. A settlement offer is a User’s proposal for how the issues in dispute can be resolved. If a User accepts another User’s settlement offer, both Users will receive an automatically generated Settlement Agreement.

The Settlement Agreement resolves the dispute and the case will be closed. That means that the case will not proceed to Stage 2 – Mediation or Stage 3 – Tribunal Decision.

Users can discuss settlement offers in the Message Centre.

Making a Settlement Offer

Each User can make their own settlement offer and can update their settlement offer at any time.

When you make a settlement offer, you will get to preview a copy of the draft Settlement Agreement that you and the other User will get if they accept your offer. Review this document carefully before you finalize your offer.

When making a settlement offer, ensure that your offer:

  • Clearly identifies the full name of each Party, what they will do and when. Be as specific as possible. Your offer should clearly set out who will do what, when they will do it, and how.
  • Addresses all the issues in dispute. If the other Users accepts your offer, the case will be closed, so it is important that your offer address all the issues.

Here is an example: Penelope Chu is the Applicant and she wants her Condominium Corporation to give her a copy of the minuets for board meetings for 2016. She is willing to pay $50 for these records.

Here’s Penelope’s sample settlement offer:

Penelope Chu will pay Ontario Condominium Corporation No. 1234 $50 by January 15, 2020. Ontario Condominium Corporation No. 1234 will deliver a paper copies of the minutes for board meetings for 2016 to Penelope Chu at by January 31, 2020.

Accepting an Offer

If the other User makes an offer that you are willing to accept, you can accept it at any time. If you do, you will both receive a Settlement Agreement and the case will be closed.

Offers are binding

While you can change your offer at any time, if the other User accepts your offer, your case will be closed. You should think very carefully about the offers that you make.

Moving to the Stage 2 - Mediation

If the Users are unable to resolve the issues in dispute in Stage 1 - Negotiation, the Applicant can move the case forward to Stage 2 – Mediation.

The Applicant can move the case forward at any time by paying the $50 non-refundable fee through the Questions and Requests tab.