Couple sitting in their condo and petting their dogIn this section, you will find guided steps through self-help resources that can help you address some common issues with condominium living.

Top 12 common issues

1. Records

Records issues include disagreements about whether or not someone has a right to access records and/or the types and quality of records being kept.

2. Cannabis

As the federal Cannabis Act allows homeowners to grow and consume cannabis in their homes, the growth and consumption of cannabis in condominium corporations has become a rising concern.

3. Noise

Noise complaints are one of the most common condo issues. In many instances, living in a condominium will mean living close to your neighbours, and sounds from one unit can travel into another unit or into the common elements.

4. Personal property

Generally speaking, owners and residents are usually prohibited from storing their personal property in a condominium corporation’s common elements. 

5. Meetings

Condos hold different types of meetings for a number of different purposes. For example, the condo’s board of directors meets regularly to discuss the business of the condo, and to make decisions affecting the community.

6. Odours

Complaints about unpleasant or unwanted odours are a common condo issue. In many instances, living in a condominium will mean living close to your neighbours, and smells can sometimes travel from one unit into another unit, or into the common elements.

7. Condo Managers

A condominium corporation’s board of directors makes decisions about the corporation on behalf of the owners. While the board is ultimately responsible for making all decisions about the corporation and its management, many boards hire someone to carry out the day-to-day operations. This person is called a condominium manager.

8. Pets

Problems may arise when residents don't pick up after their pets. Many condo buildings have rules around the types of pets people can keep in their condo unit. Noise complaints are one of the most common condo issues.

9. Neighbour to neighbour

Living in a condominium community means that you may sometimes be unhappy with something one of your neighbours has done.

10. Rules

Condominium corporations and owners must comply with a number of different requirements. These requirements are set out in a series of documents, such as the Condominium Act, 1998 (“the Act”), and its Regulations; the Declaration of the condominium corporation; the by-laws of the condominium corporation; and the Rules of the condominium corporation.

11. Short-term rentals

Short-term rentals can sometimes lead to issues in condo communities, as people renting condos may be disruptive to other residents, and may not follow the condo rules.

12. Enforcing Settlement Agreements 

If you had a case with the Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT) that was settled, you can file a case to ask the CAT to order the other User to comply with your settlement agreement.