Requisition to Call and Hold a Meeting of Owners

This requisition obligates the board of directors to call and hold a Meeting of Owners under s.46(4) of the Condominium Act, 1998

1. Corporation




Note: The number of votes are only used within common elements condominium corporations.

2. Requisition


This requisition will be delivered to the corporation by:

  Date delivered (dd/mm/yyyy):

3. Purpose of


The requisitionists request that the topics described in box 4 below be (select one):

The topic of this requisition requires a vote of unit owners (select one):

4. Topic of the


The topic of this requisition relates to:

5. Additional


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A Requisition

A condominium corporation's board of directors must respond to this requisition if it is signed by the owners of 15% of the units. Please note, to sign this requisition, a person must:

▪ Be the owner of a unit;

▪ Be entitled to vote on behalf of their unit; and,

▪ Not be in arrears for any common expenses for 30 days or more.



▪ Tenants or other non-owner occupants of a unit cannot sign a requisition.

▪ Owners of multiple units only need to sign the requisition form once but must identify all the units they own in the Unit ID or Unit No. column of the requisition's signature page.

▪ The joint-owners of a single unit may sign the requisition if a majority of the joint-owners agree to signing.

▪ Electronic signatures may be used to sign a requisition if the signatures meet the requirements of section 11 of the Electronic Commerce Act, 2000.



Requisition for a Meeting of Owners

Signatures of Eligible Unit Owners

No. Name of Unit Owner Unit ID or Unit No. Unit Owner-Occupied? Signature