Update as of May 15, 2018: 

Notice of Change is now available. See below for information, including the CAO’s Guide to Filing a Notice of Change.

Condo Returns: The CAO has been working to support over 11,000 condo corporations to meet the new legal requirement to file Condo Returns. If your corporation has not yet filed its required return(s) with the CAO and paid the annual assessment, act now to avoid late penalties.

During this period of transition, we ask that you pay any outstanding assessment amounts as soon as possible to avoid late fees or penalties.

All condominium corporations are legally required to file Condo Returns with the CAO.  Filing a Condo Return means providing specific key information about the corporation.  The government has defined four different types of returns (see below) – the information and timeline requirements for each return is set out in O. Reg. 377/17 made under the Condominium Act, 1998.

The CAO is supporting condo corporations to meet their new Condo Return legal requirements through our user-friendly online filing system, instructional emails, helpful step-by-step guides, and staff who can assist corporations at any stage of the Condo Returns process.

CAO’s Online Condo Returns Filing System

The CAO’s new online Condo Returns system is being designed to make the returns process as easy and efficient as possible for condo corporations.  For example, you will only need to enter (or update) your condo corporation’s information once and the system will automatically generate the one or more returns that are applicable to your corporation at the time of filing.

Please note that this is the initial version of the CAO’s Condo Returns filing system.  We are continuing to refine and enhance the system, and we welcome any feedback to help make the system as user friendly as possible. Please send any comments/suggestions to:  info@condoauthorityontario.ca.

Click here to read the Guide to Filing Condo Returns and Paying CAO Assessments 

Notice of Change Overview

Condo corporations are legally required to file a Notice of Change with the CAO when information filed in a return has changed. The Notice of Change is to be filed within 30 days of the change(s) and must indicate what information changed and when the change(s) took effect.

A Notice of Change should also be filed to correct any information previously provided in a Condo Return.

Click here to read the Guide to Filing A Notice of Change

View Table A to see the required information for filing condo returns 

Before Filing a Condo Return or Notice of Change

  • Carefully gather and enter your corporation’s information when filing a Condo Return or Notice of Change. The CAO is legally required to display most of this information in a searchable public registry.
  • If you need assistance, please call the CAO at: 416-901-9356 or toll-free: 1- (800) 854-9014

File a Condo Return or Notice of Change