Table A - Summary of Required Information for Filing Condo Returns and Notices of Change  

Condominium Act, 1998 and O. Reg 377.17


 Information Required

CAO Registration

Initial Return

Turn-over Return

Transitional Return

Annual Return

Notice of Change

Public Registry as of April 1/18

 Registration Date

 of Declaration/ Description at Land Registry   Office        


 Corporation Legal Name

 assigned by land registrar under ss27(3) of   O.Reg   49/01

 Type of Corporation

  • Freehold or Leasehold, and whether:
    • Standard
    • Common Elements
    • Vacant Land
    • Phased


Partially collected


 Address for Service for Corporation

 Email Address for Service


 Municipal Address, if any, contained in the   Declaration



 Total Number of Units

 (does not apply to Common Elements   Corporation)

 Total Number of Voting Units

 (does  not apply to Common Elements Corp)

 Maximum number of votes

 for Common Elements only – (ss 42(8), 49(1)   and 51(1) and (6) do not apply)

 For Each Condo Director: name and effective   date of election/appointment                


Partially collected

 Name and Address of Service of Condo   Manager or Condo Management Company   under contract with Condo Corporation

 Fiscal Year Start and End Dates



 Name of the Declarant as of date of filing   return


Only if corp hasn’t held a turnover meeting.



 Date of the turn-over meeting held






 A Statement whether there is currently an   order of the Superior Court of Justice in   effect appointing an inspector under s. 130   or administrator under s. 131.




✔          ✔

 If SCJ order:

  • Name/business address of inspector/administrator
  • Date of the SCJ order

 Date of last annual general meeting





 Whether the corporation has sent, for   registration, a notice under ss 122(1) or   123(7) terminating the government of the   property by Act






 Whether the corporation has sold the   property and complied with ss 124(3) of the   Act






 Whether the corporation has received a   notice of intention to expropriate






 Whether the corporation has made (or   received notice of) an application under ss   128(1) or any other legal action for an order   under ss 128(2) of the Act






 For Leasehold condo corporations only,   whether it has received written notices   described in ss 173(1) and (2) and/or Clause   174(1)(b) and/or whether the corporation   has given a notice to the lessor described in   174(6) of the Act







Compliance Orders ----- CAO must enter information for any compliance orders issued against the corporation