The CAT adopted its Initial Rules of Practice (the Rules) on November 1, 2017, when the CAT began accepting cases. The Rules outline how the CAT operates, and what Users need to know when they are involved in a dispute that comes to the Tribunal.

We are consulting on proposed Rule changes. We welcome input and suggestions from everyone who has used our online dispute resolution system or is interested in the CAT. As a new and innovative online tribunal, we are flexible and open to ongoing changes and improvements. The Revised Rules of Practice are here.

We welcome your input at any time, however, for this round of changes, we kindly request that you complete the survey by Thursday, May 31, 2018.

The initial Rules were developed through a consultative process that included input from tribunal advisors, CAO Board members, and the CAT’s external Reference Group of tribunal, dispute resolution, technology and user experience experts. Revisions to the rules have been made to address observations and feedback we have collected based on early CAT cases. The proposed revisions are directed toward simplifying and clarifying the rules. The proposed revisions help to make the CAT process clearer.  

The CAT Rules were developed to support the online dispute resolution (ODR) process and ensure a user-centric approach. As noted in section 2.1: 

These Rules…:

(a) recognize Users’ needs, including Users with no legal representatives;

(b) encourage Users to settle disputes without a hearing;

(c) support flexible, fast and inexpensive processes, depending on how simple or complex the dispute is and how much the outcome could affect Users or others; and

(d) ensure that, if a hearing is needed, Users have a reasonable chance to be heard, and the decision maker is independent and unbiased. 

We welcome your feedback as part of our effort to build upon these principles.

Initial Rules of Practice | Revised Rules of Practice

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