Board of Directors

The CAO is governed by an independent Board of Directors, comprised of four elected directors and three ministerial appointed directors. Ministerial appointments are filled through a process administered by the Government of Ontario’s Public Appointments Secretariat. According to the CAO’s governing by-law, elected directors’ terms will be for staggered terms of one, two or three years, for business continuity purposes. 

The CAO has established a skills-based board governance model. Elected directors are filled through a Nominating Committee process which evaluates and recommends candidates based on their skills and experience against the competency criteria established in Schedule D to the Administrative Agreement. 

The Board of Directors provides part-time strategic direction to the organization’s business and operations to fulfil the CAO’s legislative and regulatory obligations. The Board operates according to a Code of Conduct (Schedule E in the Administrative Agreement) that governs the conduct of the CAO’s Board of Directors. It sets out guidelines for avoiding and disclosing conflicts of interest and keeping information confidential. 

The Board is accountable for the performance of the CAO to the Minister of Government and Consumer Services through the Board Chair. 

The Board has a standing Audit and Risk Committee, an ad hoc Nominating Committee, and an Advisory Process Working Group.

Heather Zordel, Chair 

(Ministerial Appointment. 2 year term. September 9, 2019 to November 29, 2021)

Heather is a lawyer with extensive experience in corporate finance, securities regulatory compliance and corporate governance. A partner in the Securities Group at Gardiner Roberts LLP, she is also a part-time Commissioner of the Ontario Securities Commission, a Co-Director and Adjunct Professor for the Osgoode LL.M. program in securities law,  and a Member of the Board of Toronto Hydro Corporation.

Ms. Zordel is a past Bencher of the Law Society of Ontario and a past part-time adjudicator for the Law Society Tribunal. Ms. Zordel is a former member of the federally-appointed Expert Panel on Securities Regulation and a past chair of the Securities Advisory Committee to the OSC.  Her early work experience included a number of years as a lawyer for the Toronto Stock Exchange.

She was a contributing author for the Carswell book "Corporate Finance for Canadian Executives." Ms. Zordel has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan and a LL.B./J.D./LL.M. (Securities) from Osgoode Hall Law School, and is an Institute of Corporate Directors member. 

Margaret Samuel, Corporate Secretary 

(Ministerial Appointment: 3 year term - September 9, 2019 to September 9, 2022)

Margaret is the President, CEO and Portfolio Manager of Enriched Investing Incorporated in Toronto. She has worked with the Royal Bank Group of Companies and Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Board. Margaret is a lawyer, who graduated from the University of Alberta with an MBA, LLB., and a B.A. with distinction. She also holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, is a Member of the Toronto CFA Society and the Law Society of Ontario, and was an Empire Club of Canada Director. She enjoys gardening and running, having run 16 full marathons including one in Antarctica. 


Judy Sue, Treasurer

(Ministerial Appointment: 3 year term - March 4, 2020 to March 4, 2023)

Judy Sue, CPA CGA CFE, is president of Eagle Audit Advantage Inc., Canada's first forensic audit firm dedicated to prevention, detection and investigation of frauds that victimize condominium corporations and their owners. Judy has deep personal experience with issues affecting condo owners in Ontario. For 4 years she served as an accomplished volunteer director, vice-president and treasurer in the condominium corporation where she resides. From 2013 to 2017 she was a participant in the government's consultative panels leading to legislative revisions of the Condominium Act.

Judy is a graduate of Ryerson University and holds a Chartered Professional Accountant designation. She is a Certified Fraud Examiner and professional member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Judy has 23 years of past experience in various roles in Finance and Accounting at one of Canada's largest financial institutions. Judy also is a professional member and business partner of the Canadian Condominium Institute, Toronto chapter.