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Strategies for Accessing the Online Training

Under the Condominium Act, 1998, the CAO must designate the mandatory training for condominium directors. In providing this training online, the CAO has taken care to ensure that the training is accessible to people with visual and hearing disabilities. For example, the training can be completed using the audio option or a screen reader. A link to download the NDVA Screen Reader free-of-charge is available from within the online training modules. The accessibility feature in the module works best using Google Chrome.

There are numerous advantages to the online training delivery model, among them are that the training is:

  • Fully accessible (audio and screen reader options) available to any director, any where in the province free of charge.
  • Cost effective; the cost of the training program for the estimated 50,000 or more condo directors across the province is fully financed by the assessment fees to condominium corporations. (The CAO does not receive any government funding.)
  • Completed at a director’s convenience and the online system automatically captures completion and maintains a record each director for confirmation on re-election.

The CAO is committed to ensuring that every director who would like to continue as a board member of their condo corporation’s board is able to do so. We have heard from a few corporations about the strategies that are being implemented by condo boards and managers to help ensure every director is able to complete the training. These include:

  • If the corporation has a condo manager, making computers available for condo directors to use in the condo management office or another location. This also provides an opportunity to strengthen relationships between condo boards and their managers;
  • Having someone set up computers and walk directors through the training modules as part of a board meeting. This provides an opportunity for the board as whole to dialogue about the topics and how these areas are addressed for their corporation;
  • Contacting the local high school to seek student volunteers to assist board members through the online modules; this will allow students to receive community involvement credit towards their diploma;
  • Accessing the computer equipment available at local libraries or asking a friend or family member to assist.

However, if none of these strategies is workable for an individual director, the CAO requires the information listed below to better understand the specific circumstances of each affected director:

  • Legal Name of the Condominium Corporation –
  • Director’s Name –
  • Appointment, election or re-election date, if after Nov 1, 2017 –
  • Specifics of circumstances/reason for the request –
  • Proposed Approach (how would they propose to take the training and provide confirmation of completion) –

Please send this information on our Contact Us page with “Director Training – Alternate Format” in the subject line.

Thank you in advance for assisting the CAO to support condominium directors to meet their legal obligations.