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Creating a COVID-19 Safety Plan for Your Condo Corporation

The most important responsibility of the condo board is to ensure the safety of condo residents and visitors to the condo property. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, condo boards have been faced with many new safety related challenges, so condo boards may wish to create a safety plan which will both simplify and add accountability to this process.

It may also be that the owners and residents of your condo corporation wish to know what steps are being taken to keep condo residents and visitors safe. Creating a safety plan makes it easy for anyone to keep track of what safety measures have been put into effect and what additional steps can be implemented if owners or directors feel more steps are necessary.

The safety plan should:

  • Describe measures/procedures that have been or will be implemented in the condo corporation to reduce spread of COVID-19. For example, if your condo corporation has passed a rule restricting non-essential visitors from property, or if the condo corporation has implemented a new vigorous surface cleaning regimen, this information would be listed here.
  • Include guidelines for physical distancing and masks. During the pandemic, the Government of Ontario may direct condo residents and visitors to behave in a certain manner while inside a condo, including wearing a mask and physically distancing. These safety plan should detail safe mask usage and how to properly physically distance. It is important that the guidelines listed in the safety plan meet any standards set by the province.
  • Be consistently updated. The COVID-19 pandemic requires that condo corporations stay on top of any and all COVID-19 related updates from the Government of Ontario. Relevant updates should be included in the safety plan, including updates to physical distancing and mask requirements.

In the interest of ensuring that condo owners and residents have access to the safety plan, condo corporations may also wish to consider the following:

  • The safety plan be in writing and made available to any person for review, on request.
  • The safety plan be posted in a visible place to come to the attention of those working or attending the location.

The Condominium Authority of Ontario is also proud to offer a suite of COVID-19 related materials to support condo corporations through this difficult time. More resources can be found by clicking here.