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COVID-19 Screening Requirements for Condominium Corporations

Who are Condominium Corporations Required to Screen and Why?

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of Ontario has recently amended a number of regulations under the Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act, 2020. One of these requirements is that condominium corporations must:

  • Post signs at all entrances to the condominium corporation, in a conspicuous location visible to the public, that inform individuals on how to screen themselves for COVID-19 prior to entering the premises; and
  • Actively screen every person who works at the condominium corporation before they enter the premises of the condominium corporation.

These obligations are subject to any advice, recommendations and instructions issued by the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, or another public health official.

It is important to note that these screening requirements only apply to individuals who are working in condominiums and will not apply to those who are simply living in or visiting a condominium. For example, condominium management employees, a concierge, and contractors would all be working in the condominium, and therefore should be screened.

Signage Best Practices 

As the legislation states, signage regarding how individuals can screen themselves for COVID-19 must be posted in prominent locations at each entrance to the condominium corporation. Additionally, this signage could also be placed in prominent locations within the condominium, such as inside public elevators or near a front desk if your condominium corporation has one.

In terms of content for the signage, the Government of Ontario has developed a useful self assessment tool which can be found here. The signage should indicate how to access this tool to allow individuals to self screen. The signage should also specify common symptoms of COVID-19 including fever, dry cough, and fatigue.

Additionally, the signage should also alert individuals who are working within the condominium corporation that they must be screened and must indicate the results of that screening to the condominium corporation before entering the condominium. You may also wish to display details on the screening process chosen by your condominium corporation, including by what method workers are to be screened, and who to submit these results to.

Screening Best Practices

For a list of potential screening questions please refer to the COVID-19 Screening Tool for Businesses and Organizations (Screening Workers) or the Toronto Public Health Staff Screening Questionnaire. Please note that screening questions may be adapted to meet the various communication needs of the workers. You may access the COVID-19 Screening Tool in other languages by clicking here. As condominium corporations are required to screen workers before they enter the condominium corporation, screening should occur before arrival at the workplace.

Fulfilling the mandatory screening duties for your condominium corporation may vary based on the needs of the workers. As there are different ways for a condominium corporation to implement screening, here are some options for accomplishing this in an efficient and reliable manner:

  • Screening questionnaires or checklists can be completed online by workers prior to arrival at the condominium corporation (these materials then could be submitted through email to the condominium corporation).
  • A COVID-19 screening tool may be printed and made available to employees to be completed prior to the beginning of their shift.

Screening Records

Due to the screening requirements, condominium corporations will be receiving documentation and information regarding the health of individuals. Condominium corporations will need to decide on how long to keep the screening results records as recommended by local health units, as well as comply with privacy requirements. For example, Toronto Public health recommends that these records be kept on file for 30 days and then discarded.